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Baylor Off Campus Living

Baylor off campus living advantages become apparent when you look at the following factors.  According to US News and World Report, 60% of Baylor University students live off-campus. This is true because of the many Baylor off campus living advantages that Waco housing offers. These include the following:


Fewer Rules

Living off campus, you won’t get in trouble for hammering a nail in the wall to hang a picture. You can burn a candle if you feel like it. And you can cook on your George Foreman grill. Speaking of grilling, you won’t be grilled by front desk workers if you lose your ID. Living off-campus is freedom at its finest!


Communal Living That’s Less Communal

When you live off campus, you can choose your roommates. You might have to share a bathroom, but you won’t be sharing it with strangers. You’ll know who left the mess in the kitchen. It’s always unpleasant to live with slobs, but the slobs you know are bound to be better than slob-strangers. And if you’re careful, you’ll find a roommate who’s just as neat as you are.


Who Let the Dogs Out?

Depending on where you choose to live, you may be allowed more than a pet goldfish. The joys of animal companionship could be yours. You may get to bring Fluffy from home or rescue Fido from the pound. And you won’t live in fear of administrative action against Henry the secret hamster you’ve been hiding in your room all semester.



This might be the biggest advantage of all. Baylor housing rules allow guests for 3 nights only. They must be escorted through the halls when coming or going. And no guests are allowed before the first day of class, during finals, or after the last day of class. When you enjoy Baylor off campus living, however, your BFF can come visit, and you’ll have more than 3 nights to party.

So what are you waiting for? Join the 60% of Baylor University students living off campus. The freedom is there, so grab it!


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